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Innovative educational enviroment
(Nofar Architects)


Accompanied by pedagogical and content of "cities of education" - the building is divided into two-age homes, in the direction of Personal, Social and Community activities, leading and mentoring circles through mentors (Including graduate students).

The architectural design of the structure is based on a monolithic body, resulting from a need to concentrate and integrate All learning layers and related functions, mentoring circles and others.
The building is located in the heart of the lot, and access is via a transparent access sleeve. Includes a guard pavilion at the entrance to it. This sleeve is a platform for a central entrance, a sloping walkway to the auditorium, for Residents of the community, and to the roof terrace of the middle level.
Spatial - learning, allows the exchange and movement of designated areas between the frontal, Group and individual. The portable, transparent and open partitions allow extraction, activation and writing.
The landscape architecture around the building is based on pedagogical stations along the routes.


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